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Wake Me Up When I Am Dead




What is it?


It is a work of Art, a Rock Opera - a theatre performance with actors and live music with an innovative audience surrounding format of 360 degrees projections. It is a new technology called Live Movie Experience,a new format for large events that Shaking Foundations has developed in cooperation with Profesor Eberhard Hasche from Brandenburg University.



Wake Me Up When I Am Dead  will be be performed, live in Berlin in 2017




The Story


Wake Me Up When I Am Dead introduces the theme of the existential slavery of human race on a spiritual level, its causes and disastrous effects on the destiny of humankind. Not brings out the key of understanding of how and why the "enslaving trap" works on humans, by revealing the existence of multidimensional character of the reality and life, i.e. visible and invisible, material and spiritual dimensions and the conflict going on behind the veil of our senses.

The story happens between the Lower Cosmos and the Higher Cosmos, between the visible and the invisible dimensions, the natural and the supernatural... it is the final act of the war for supremacy and control over humans, the war between two Kingdoms. A plan is undergoing, to bring Humanity to its self-destruction and by doing so, strike the creator, the originator of the Cosmos. This time only one will prevail and the destiny of human beings will be in the hands of the winner.Eternal life or death will be the consequence.A band of losers is gathered together by a man who takes upon himself the responsibility to awake Humanity, whose role, in fact, can be decisive...




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